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Your film Community | Regional acting | Finding work in your region as an actor

Today, I share tips on how you can become a regional actor and how you can find your film community where you live.

I'm a Little Rock-based actor and back in 2010, I discovered we had a film scene here in Arkansas. Several cities have their own film festivals as well as film schools and plenty of places where an actor in Arkansas can find work and this has led me into acting in over 70 films both short and feature as well as direct my own projects.

I share my own personal steps of what worked for me on how I got my name out in my home state AND I'm currently working on a major motion picture that is currently filming in Little Rock starring Thomas Mann, Rosa Salazar, and John Malkovich.

I share that info right here!

Table of contents -

0:00 - Working on The Chariot!

1:06 - How I got started? 48 Hour Film Project

2:41 - 1 - Get familiar with your film scene

3:35 - 2 - Find your local networking hub

4:17 - 3 - Support your local film festival(s)

5:18 - 4 - How to audition for student films

6:00 - 5 - Example of student films I worked on

6:40 - 6 - Get familiar with a film set by doing background work

9:06 - Recap

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