• Johnnie Brannon

Background acting. What you should know if you get booked for a film.

When I first got into acting on film, I was fortunate that I got cast in principal roles and It wouldn't be until I saw a call for background actors for a film being shot in Louisiana called "Leatherface 3D" when I decided to give it a go.

In order to get the experience of a professional film set, being booked as a bar patron was a great experience for me at the time.

On this update, I share tips on what you need to know if you decide you want. to try being a background actor. Not only do I share tips, I also share my personal experiences on "Texas Chainsaw 3D", "Straight A's w/Luke Wilson", "The Iceman w/Winona Ryder & Michael Shannon", "Olympus Has Fallen", and "Escape Plan."

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