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Time to play catch up! What's been going on the last three months?

My last update was on April 8 and I believe that was a reshare from my youtube channel. Needless to say, it's been a few minutes and I hope to catch you up to speed as I sit here on Day 11 of 12 on the upcoming film, A Date with Deception.



After 7 years, production on Sheol wrapped. If you've read my blog about the film, you know that I thought the sound could not be saved and that I thought I would have to ADR all of the audio. In late March, I found a program by Waves called Clarity, and although it didn't clean up the audio at 100%...it cleaned it up enough that I am incredibly happy with how much it did. Sheol has been submitted to a few film festivals and if nothing happens to it, we'll release it online.

Here is the latest trailer.


Made in Arkansas Film Festival

2022 Made in Arkansas Film Festival officially wrapped. We were back in the theater for the first time since our inaugural year and it was quite amazing. We had a solid attendance throughout and we couldn't have asked for a better turnout. Check out the winners below.


The Book Club

Finally, The Book Club has wrapped! This is a film that has been in the making since the concept back in 2017. We started filming on July 8 and wrapped production on July 9th. We're currently in post-production and hope to have the film ready by October 31. For more information about the film, please check out the Facebook page IMDB pages for festival news and screening opportunities.

Lucy (Victoria Fox) chats with Iris (Katherine Forbes) about crystals.

David (Kristof Waltermire) finds Lucy.

Iris (Katherine Forbes) and Esme (Verda Davenport) keep a close eye on David.

Katya (Lauren McCullough) sees something disturbing within the tea leaves left by Lucy. Demetria (Soph Barnes) and Eve (Lisa Michelle Sanders) show their concern.


What's next?

Auditions! I've gotten a few which I'm very grateful for. A few which I really wanted and a few that would have been nice on the resume. Regardless, my agents work hard and I'll work just as hard as well. Nothing on the horizon but as soon as I crack the surface, I'll share it right here. In the meantime, check out my youtube channel for more info on my Audition Series.

I'm currently on day 12 of 12 on a new film by Marvista called A Date with Deception. Produced by Nigel Thomas & Rick Benattar...this has been a great experience. My position in this film like the last Marvista film is Covid Compliance Assistant. Originally scheduled for two days, I ended up finishing the last 10 days due to my friend and CCO catching Covid herself. I was able to stay involved to keep the cast and crew safe with the CCO helping me from afar.

After we wrap up today, I'm looking forward to doing nothing for a few days before I jump back on editing The Book Club. I hope to have a rough cut ready by Wednesday and then start sculpting from there. The film is coming together quite quickly and I'm pretty excited with what I have cut at the moment.

AnotherTheory, an electronica/Dream-Pop music project is also coming up. I've been working on this new album since 2020. It originally started as a covid-project since everything was shutting down. I picked up from where my last album left off (2006) and I can assure you there is quite a bit of change. Really looking forward to sharing these 15 new tracks I wrote.

That is all for now. I'll be sharing more videos in the coming weeks. Until then, we'll see you soon!

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