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The time I moderated a Twin Peaks panel with Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn | Spa Con 2017

July 17, 2017. I got a message from Bill Solleder on Facebook. Bill is well known through out Hot Springs. Very well known. I had met Bill years before when I submitted my 48 Hour Film Sensitivity Training to the Arkansas Shorts Film Festival. He's a well liked guy and one of the nicest guys I ever met.

Back to that message. 11:34 AM. I was teaching a summer film course in North Little Rock.

Bill: Johnnie, you're a big Twin Peaks fan?/

Me: Oh Yeah!

Bill: Are you watching the current series?

Me: I am...haven't missed an episode.

Bill: You know, Spa Con is hosting two Twin Peaks celebs, yes?

Me: I do! That's very exciting!

Bill: We are looking for someone to moderate the Twin Peaks panel, Johnnie.

Now by this time...I had an inkling that he was about to ask me if I was interested in moderating. I mean...Twin Peaks is kind of a thing to me. David Lynch in particular. I wouldn't call myself a super fan...but I love David Lynch and I love Twin Peaks.

Both are inspirations to my own work. Now, back to that message.

Me: Oh Wow! When is the event again?

Bill: The panel is Sunday Sept 24 at noon.

Johnnie: Couldn't remember the exact date. Had my hand in several projects

as of late. That's pretty incredible!

Bill: Jen Gerber is going to moderate the Shannon Purser/Stranger Things panel

on the Saturday.

Me: That's awesome!

There is a three hour window here before Bill got back with me.

Bill: Are you interested in moderating?

Now I'm freaking out....only on the inside!

Me: Absolutely! (Screaming internally. Is this really going to happen?)

Bill: You moderate Laura Palmer and Audrey Horne. You won't lose your mind

at the podium will you?

Me: I'll get it out now so I can keep my composure then. That's very exciting!

Thank you for the opportunity.

Bill: We need to come up with talking points and questions. I figured you'd be good at this.

Actually...I'm not.

Me: Absolutely! No problem at all. Massive Twin Peaks fan here so it should be a piece of cake!

The rest is history. What you can't see in the video is how nervous I am. I had just met Sherilyn Fenn and she was nice. Sheryl Lee was quiet. I wanted to make sure the audience could get some questions in and they really had fun with it. As we are wrapping up, I got a chuckle out of the gals when my mic fell off the stand and into my lap. They were gracious and kind when I asked if I could get a photo with them.

Check out the video. It was both the most terrifying and exciting moment in my life.

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