• Johnnie Brannon

Self tape set up for auditions | What gear to buy | Gear that I use for self tapes.

Updated: Mar 10

Trying to figure out what kind of gear to buy for self-tape auditions can be difficult! The gear that I invested in has led me to score multiple auditions for the same casting director(s) because they liked my setup and most importantly, they could hear and see me well.

I will be sharing more thorough self-tape tips in future tutorials. If you're having a problem looking for gear with a budget, please check out my links to what I use down below and if you have any questions, shoot me a message and I'll be glad to help!

Gear used in this video listed below -

Camera - Sony A6400

Sound - Rode Wireless Go

Neewer F200 7 Inch Camera Field Monitor HD

Light Kit | Mountdog Softbox kit

Light Kit | GVM 672s

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