• Johnnie Brannon

Making a microshort film | Tips on how to make a microshort film 2021 | What is a microshort?

Ready to make a movie? Start with a microshort!

I share some tips on how I made a 2 min horror short in less than an hour right here! We made a holiday horror short one evening this past December and I go into detail about how we made this film with no money and no script and guess what...you can too!!

BUT FIRST!! I chat a little about the feature film, The Chariot (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13942896) which has wrapped filming in Little Rock. It was a challenge of a film to make but working with the likes of Academy Award nominee John Malkovich, Rosa Salazar (Brand New Cherry Flavor) and Thomas Mann was pretty cool! Thanks for stopping by, please give it a like and subscribe and I'll be back with more to come!

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