• Johnnie Brannon

How to make your acting/demo reel stand out! | Tips on how to get quality clips for your reel

Today I share tips on how to make your acting reel stand out and how to get quality clips if you have none!

I've been cutting reels for actors for years! Many of these professionals have landed gigs on major motion pictures and networks including Netflix, HBO, Showtime, and more!

This is the type of clips you'll want to add to actor's access, website, or social media. As an actor and filmmaker, I know how to get the right footage together that will help land you work or finding an agent or representation.

If you're an aspiring actor, this video will help guide you on how to land jobs on film sets with high production value. Know the difference between amateur and cinematic. Quality matters and it matters to casting directors as well.

If you're an actor or actress from Arkansas, I offer a service to make custom clips that can be added to a demo reel. Check out this video for more information

Check out these clips I made for actress Becky Bartlett. Her agency requested "host" clips. Becky reached out to me and I wrote, shot and edited these three clips within a 48 hours.

I also include several examples of other reels I've cut as well.

Examples of reels below.

Jeff Bailey - Arkansas actor

Marx Mitchell - Arkansas actor (60 second reel)

Mary Faulkner - Arkansas actress (2 min reel)

Daxton Grey - Actor

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