• Johnnie Brannon

How to connect the Rode WIreless Go to your iPhone | Shot using Filmic Pro App | 2021

Over the years I've seen countless videos of filmmakers who rely on I-phones as their main source of filming. Without proper sound, you're not going to be able to clearly hear what you're saying and you'll lose your audience quickly.

If you're an independent filmmaker and your iPhone is your main source of filming, the rode wireless go is the perfect gear to help you get quality and professional sound especially if you're on a budget.

I filmed this tutorial using my iPhone 12 pro with the Filmic Pro app that you can download and raise the quality of your own film projects as well.

You can can buy the Rode Go and everything you need here by clicking the links below.

The Rode Wireless Go

The Rode SC7 Cable

Apple Lighting to 3.5 mm Headphone jack adapter

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