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48 Hour Film Project Tips | 48 Hour Film Project 2022 | How to make a 48 Hour Film!

I'm really excited to share 10 tips on how I was able to win 48 Hour Film Projects and hopefully, you will too!

I tell you how to make a 48-hour film and how to avoid obstacles that first-time participants don't think about when making a film. If you're participating in the 48 Hour Film Project 2021...this tutorial is definitely for you! I've often told people who are interested in getting involved with their film scene to look into participating in the 48 Hour Film Project.

There are a number of cities across the globe that participate and it's such a fun way to dive into what could be a career in independent filmmaking. Please subscribe!

Since 2010, I've participated in 9 48 Hour Films.

9 consecutive Best of Audience Choice selections.

4 Best Picture wins, 3 Consecutive (2012, 2013, 2014). 2 as an actor, 2 as director.

6 Best Picture Nominations.

1 Best Director win out of two nominations.

9 more wins for our cast and crew in various categories.

Below is a list of 48 Hour films I've directed, acted or helped out on.

2010 - RAAAWWWRRR!!!

2011 - The Ashes

2012 - La Petite Mort

2013 - La Grande Fete

2014 - Sensitivity Training

2015 - High Stakes

2016 - The Adventures of Betty Bernard

2017 - The Last Assassin

2019 - The Unbeatable Bixby

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